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Everything Podcast-Related, From Audio Editing To iTunes - brought to you by 'the BBC guy'

Stop struggling to do everything on your own and hand over your podcast production to the EXPERTS ...

You're raring to go!  Your podcasting concept is thrashed out, you know what you want to put in the first four episodes and you can't wait to get your message out to the world ...

Th​ere's just one problem! It all seemed so easy when you did your research, but now it's come to the technical stuff, you haven't a clue where to start.

When everybody said podcasting is a great idea for all businesses serious about growing their audience, they were absolutely right!

But they forgot to mention that you need to be a bit of a technical wizard to set up everything that you need to launch ...

Rocket launch
  • Build a podcast website
  • Set up your hosting account
  • Create Your Podcast Graphics
  • Record your first episodes
  • Edit your first episodes
  • Create your intro & outro
  • Produce your show notes
  • Create the audio player for your web page
  • Set-up & obtain your RSS feed
  • List on iTunes
  • List on Stitcher
  • List on Spotify 
  • List on iHeartRadio
  • Auto-publish on YouTube
  • Auto-publish on Facebook
  • Auto-publish on LinkedIn
  • Make available via Google
  • Create correctly sized social graphics

Podcasting is like Netflix for audio and  it's going to be the next BIG THING on the internet ... but are you ready for it?


According to well-respected website TechCrunch, US podcast revenues had a record year in 2017, reaching $314 million in revenue.

Yes, you read that correctly!

That figure is up 86% from $169 million in 2016 and it's now estimated that podcast revenue will see 3-digit 110% growth between 2017 and 2020, when it's predicted that revenues will then reach $659 million.

That's an ASTONISHING figure! But will YOUR business be ready to cash in?

Tired man

See that guy above?

That's what happens when you strike out on your own!

You thinks it's easy, everybody's doing it, and then you discover RSS feeds, iTunes required image sizes, compulsory audio formats and everything else that's just waiting to trip you up and prevent you from releasing your brand new show.

As a podcast host, you need to concentrate on preparing and communicating great content - that's your job, it's the skill which brings the money in and the key component to you building a tribe of fans desperate to get their hands on your products!

Ready To Launch YOUR Podcast?

Paul Teague at BBC Radio Cumbria

Hi, I'm Paul Teague and I have been working with audio since I was 18 years old when I broadcast my first radio show on Scunthorpe Hospital Radio in 1983 - that picture was taken some time ago :-)

In fact, I've been making shows much longer than that - I used to record news programmes on cassette players when I was a kid ... that's how long I've loved working with audio!

I moved on to student radio, then trained as a broadcast journalist and eventually ended up working at the BBC as a reporter, journalist, producer and presenter for 18 years.

It doesn't get much better than that!

I had a brilliant time presenting live radio programmes, hosting phone-in shows, interviewing politicians and celebrities and recording long-form documentaries.

Don't laugh, but here are a couple of pictures of me in my BBC presenting days ... 

Paul Teague at the BBC

When I left the BBC, I never stopped recording audio and videos in my internet marketing and web work.

In fact, I was considering setting up a podcast as early as 2009 - you can still find the web page online via the WayBackMachine website HERE.

It took me until April 2016 to finally launch my self-publishing podcast at and since that launch I have produced, recorded and edited over 225 episodes, including more than 115 interviews!

And as if that wasn't enough, I launched a second podcast in January 2018 at and I'm currently well on my way to reaching 45 episodes.

Self-Publishing Journeys
Crypto News Podcast

That's well over 250 episodes produced to date - research, interviews, edits, show notes, websites ... ALL of it done by yours truly.

But, you know, it's easy for me, I've been doing this for years. 

My time at the BBC was the best possible training I could have had for setting up and running my own podcasts and I love every minute of it, it's just like being the host of my own radio show (only I don't get told off by the boss when I make a dodgy joke!)

I want you to be able to experience the thrill of presenting your own podcast - without having to tackle all of the technical hurdles!

I love podcasting!

Do you think I'd have got to 250+ episodes if I didn't?

I've been working online since 2001 (yes, I made websites for the BBC too, that's another one of my geeky skills) and I can say with complete honesty that podcasting is the BEST THING I have EVER done to build a fantastic relationship with my audience.

It works so well because your listeners really connect with you and your voice - podcasts build trust and allow your fans to get close-up and personal with you.

That's why I want to help YOU get YOUR podcast up-and-running as soon as possible ... 


I can set up your podcast, sort out your graphics and get you launch-ready


I can make sure that your podcast is found on all the main podcast outlets


I can edit and publish your launch shows, adding in jingles & ads.

Is This The Month You'll Finally Launch YOUR Podcast?

I was sitting in the audience at a Podcast Mastermind event recently and got the chance to chat to several AMAZING business people who were all there to learn how to podcast.

But all it took was a demonstration of audio editing, an explanation of RSS feeds and a look at how to rig up the microphones and EVERYBODY in that room was COMPLETELY BAMBOOZLED!

It was just too much for them.

They'd come to learn about podcasts and all they got was ONE MASSIVE HEADACHE when they found out what's involved at a technical level.

But, you know, with all that technical stuff out the way, it's really easy to run a podcast, week-in, week-out.

It was at that event that I realized that I can be a BIG HELP in encouraging more business professionals to launch their podcasts and start building a HUGE tribe of fans ready to buy any product that's placed in front of them.

My Podcasting Credentials

  • check
    Years and years of industry expertise. I've been doing this for years ... I'll probably still be doing it when I'm an old man. I know my stuff - do you think the BBC would have let me anywhere near a radio show if I didn't?
  • check
    In-the-trenches podcast experience. I'm not somebody who theorizes about podcasting, I'm actually doing it. I get my episodes out, week-after-week, and that's what I'll be doing with your shows too.
  • check
    I can do this blind-folded now. Okay, maybe not blindfolded. But you know what I mean! I know the set-up process really well now, I've experienced the hiccups first-hand and I know exactly what to do to resolve them.

Imagine If All You Had To Do Is Turn Up & Present The Show And Everything Else Was Done For You ...

I've decided to share my 20+ years of broadcasting expertise with a few serious, dedicated and committed podcast hosts.

Attending that podcasting event made me realize that there's a real need for this service and who better to offer it than a guy who was trained by the BBC!

Can you think of a better place to learn this stuff?

You'll be really surprised at how the episodes build up so quickly.

I can help you get everything set up really fast so that we can launch your show in the shortest time possible.

Days From Now You Could Have Your Own Podcast Show

In addition to taking care of all the launch jobs - things like setting up a hosting service, syndicating your feed and making sure you appear on the social media channels - I'll also edit your episodes and make sure they go live on time.

And as an EXCLUSIVE OFFER which no other similar service can promise I will also give you up to 4 hours of bookable consultancy as part of your support package.

I can share my 20+ years of BBC broadcasting expertise on EVERYTHING podcast related:

  • How to record great interviews, rookie mistakes that MUST be avoided and tips to get the best from your guests 
  • The best tools to get recording without a fuss, recording dos and don'ts and best microphone technique
  • Time-saving tips for prepping your show & booking in guests - I have NEVER had a no-show in over 250 episodes!

Introducing my NEW & EXCLUSIVE podcast success service ...
 Express Podcasts 

  • 1
    FULL Podcast Set-Up: I will take care of EVERYTHING that's required to publish your first 4 x shows. All you'll have to do is drop the recorded audio files into a Dropbox folder and start planning your next show :-)
  • 2
    Audio Editing & Production: We'll get those first episodes all loaded up and ready to release. If you want jingles or ads, I'll get them edited in.
  • 3
    EXCLUSIVE Consultancy: When you sign up for Express Podcasts you get up to 4 hours of PRO consultancy in the bank, to book in with me whenever you choose. That's 20+ years of broadcasting & podcasting experience at your fingertips.
  • 4
    Social Media Syndication: People will discover your podcast in multiple locations, that's why it's best to syndicate to whichever social channels that you have in your business - I'll take care of that!
  • 5
    Show Notes: Your show notes provide a vital service to your podcast listeners but, equally important, they create vital SEO which gets you show indexed in the search engines.
  • 6
    EXCLUSIVE Training: By day, I'm an author and corporate trainer. I'll be distilling all of my knowledge into a book and comprehensive training course by the end of 2018, that's all included in your package - as soon as they're ready, you'll get them for free.

See what my customers have to say:

"His knowledge is so vast and his attention to detail so honed that the path ahead was smooth ..."

"I had a clear outline of the content I wanted to podcast, but I was fearful of all the tech aspects involved and wondered if I’d ever have time to bring this dream about.

Paul made it easy. His knowledge is so vast and his attention to detail so honed that the path ahead was smooth.

Paul gave me more time and resources than I asked for and I know for sure, there would be no Destination Restoration podcast without his input."

Lucy Branch


Restorer of Public Art & Aspiring Podcast Host

"Thanks to you, I’ve got the confidence to finally make a start on my podcast"

I had already researched podcasting on and off before we spoke, but was still far too intimidated and overwhelmed to put any of it into action. I had plenty of ideas for what I wanted to talk about, but didn’t know how to make it happen. 


You explained what I needed to do versus what was a bonus I could add in later. Instead of a dozen different options, you narrowed it down to the best choice for my situation, so rather than paralysis analysis, I could get recording!


Thanks to you, I’ve got the confidence to finally make a start on my podcast and now have four episodes live, with over 150 downloads already! You’ve taken podcasting from scary tech mystery to a fun thing I do every fortnight.

Clare Sager

Clare Sager

​Podcast Host: Confessions of a First Time Author

Let's Start Work On Your Podcast TODAY!

Select which packages best suit your podcast needs ... 

Get Started TODAY!

  • £975 per podcast show
  • Includes complete Libsyn set-up*
  • Syndicated to Facebook
  • Fast Podcast Success book***
  • Syndicated to LinkedIn
  • Full iTunes set-up/syndication
  • £229 graphics design allowance
  • £100 music licensing allowance
  • £100 voiceover artist allowance
  • Fast Podcast Success course***
  • Syndicated to YouTube
  • Full Stitcher set-up/syndication
  • Social graphics set-up 
  • First 4 x episodes edited 4hrs max
  • 4 hours consultancy credits
  • First 4 x episodes show notes 
  • Syndicated to Twitter
  • + £975 for podcast website**

* Libsyn is an ongoing charge which you will be required to pay ** Please enquire via ***Available by end 2018 latest

How Much Do You Want To Launch Your Own Podcast?

I love presenting my two podcasts, they've become a part of my weekly routine now, I'd feel really lost without them.

Every interview, every diary episode, every co-presented show is an absolute pleasure to record, publish and release.

That's how I want you to feel - like starting your podcast was the best thing you ever did for your business.

If you're a business professional committed to launching and sustaining your podcast, I can't wait to work with you and support you on the exciting journey ahead!

Paul Teague

P.S.: Just imagine, it's a month from today and you're listening to your first podcast episode which just went live. Listeners from all over the world are downloading your show and connecting with your business via social media. All of this was done without even leaving your house and you begin to get interest in your services from people you never could have hoped to reach via your existing channels. That's how great it is to be a podcaster :-)

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